About Me

Proper cable management is optional.
Where it all began.

Welcome to FM Stag.com.

This is my site where I write about Football Manager, Sports Interactive’s football management series.

I write FM stories, diving into managerial journeys and blogging about every rise, fall and everything in between.

It all started for me with the greatest game of all time. A burned CD-R of Championship Manager 97-98.

Fabián Estay and Hermán Gaviria (famously misspelled in-game) will live long in the memory as the greatest players of all time, because of CM98/98.

I also occasionally like writing about real life football. I post a Football Stat of the Day, linked in the top bar. I love an Excel, or just statistics in general.

I like Gazzetta Football Italia, Juan Román Riquelme, iconic managers with a strong tactical DNA, and the football in 1998.


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